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Desenvolvedor: Roto Systems Inc.

Create high quality, interactive 360°/3D views of any object in seconds and share it Worldwide, via any web browser using the RotoShoot App!

No extra equipment or specialized training is required to easily create professional looking rotatable views of any object, large or small.

You wont believe how simple, quick and fun weve made shooting and sharing high quality, interactive views of objects. If you know how to use the camera on your iPhone, then you’ve already got a big head start on how to make a RotoShoot. Just download the RotoShoot App to your iPhone, tap on the RotoShoot icon, watch the included 2 minute instruction video and youre ready to go!

We’ve also made it super easy to share your RotoShoots with friends and/or customers through your iPhone or your personal admin area on Once your RotoShoot is uploaded to our servers, we will send you back a link which you can quickly share with others through Email, FaceBook, Pinterest or Twitter.

And if you sell products or services online, you’ll be most interested in the ability to embed your RotoShoot in your website within minutes! You just shoot, upload, copy and paste some short embeddable code (as easily as embedding YouTube’s video player) into your website and you’re ready to get back to the more important stuff like serving your customers.

You can shoot, save and view as many RotoShoots as your iPhone’s memory has space for.

So, why do a photo shoot when you can quickly shoot and share a RotoShoot?

Watch our how to video to see just how simple RotoShoot is to use: